An intro of sorts

So! an intro…what should I say? what SHOULDNT I say?

I must warn you…I havent written in years. My creativity got lost somewhere along the way between trying to create a life and trying to keep a job. and recently trying to be a good mom and an even better wife. So Im a bit rusty.

I am an almost 30yr old, wife and mother of a 2yr old. I read,I knit,I sing,I dance,I talk shit. People have said I am a good friend and Im always good for a laugh too. I have a serious past. A deep dark one. which we will explore LAAAATER,much much later. But for now I would like to keep it light…funny..sarcastic..but still real. I know most like to stick to one topic…Im not a Jack of all trades but rather an explorer and an equal opportunity offender. lol.

Lets see if this rusty creative brain still has what it takes!